Unclaimed Property List

Unclaimed Property List


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Property owners’ names on this page:

Noormohamed, Nagib—Nopson, Tully J

ID NumberProperty OwnerStateProperty HolderNotes
135-21034 Noormohamed, Nagib TexasXerox Corpsee details
135-21035 Noormohamed, Nagib TexasIntuit Incsee details
135-21036 Noormohammad, Amin TexasState Of Tx Dept Of Human Svcsee details
135-21037 Noort, Kimberly Van TexasUniversity Of Txsee details
135-21038 Nooruddin, Assar TexasCity Public Svcsee details
135-21039 Nooruddin, Shabbir TexasUniversity Of Houstonsee details
135-21040 Noorwood, J C TexasPhysicians Mutual Ins Cosee details
135-21041 Nooteboom, Sam TexasDallas County Clk Criminal Court #1see details
135-21042 Nope Gonzales, Cynthia G TexasLouis Dreyfus Natural Gas Corpsee details
135-21043 Nopson, Tully J TexasAmerican Ntl Ins Cosee details
ID NumberProperty OwnerStateProperty HolderNotes

The reports are filed yearly
or as required by state legislation.

Unclaimed money come from many sources. Much of it – about 10% – is from insurance, e.g. someone had life insurance the heirs don‘t know about, or the policy changed after people moved, and the insurance company didn‘t find them. Utility deposits also make up a good percentage. Most of the money is small amounts from old bank accounts.

I found my name on the list.
What do I do now?

Treasuries of every state deal with unclaimed property passed on to them by the “property holder” organization. Information here can refer to both properties held by government and non-government organizations, so if the state procedure yields no results it is a good idea to contact the organization directly.

If you have reason to believe that you are the rightful owner of the property listed here you have to find out if you can claim the property under question, and if it’s worth the effort.

All states maintain free-to-access registries of unclaimed properties. We provide a free step-by-step guide to assist in checking if the property can be claimed and further actions — please, see the top main section of this page to the right that says ‘Claim property.’