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Americans Left Twenty Five Billions of Dollars as ‘Unclaimed Property’

Sometimes people move and forget about deposits they've made refunds they were to get, sometimes corporations charge too much by mistake and would like to pay it back, sometimes people don't include small amounts of money in their wills and their heirs don't know about the money, and sometimes long-forgotten penny stocks go through the roof. All these and many other scenarios result in extra cash sitting on corporate accounts by chance, rightfully belonging to other corporations or people. Such money is called ‘unclaimed property’.

The Unclaimed Property List is an experimental initiative to take the process of finding and retrieving of the unclaimed money one step further, towards more efficient utilization of the capabilities of modern technology.

Our approach is to re-present, or re-furbish public data so, that the money actually looks for its owner through this new “social web” that the Internet has become. We believe it is a fine idea to help people get back their property that has been in possession of somebody else for many years, in some cases.

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Consumer Alert:
You Have Unclaimed Property” Scam

There have been reports of a new scheme to make people call ‘1-809’ or other toll phone. The fraudsters sent an email informing the recipient that he or she had unclaimed property. The recipient had to make a phone call, and could be offered to pay for further research. Such “service” can cost from $10/month to 15% of the found money, compared to absolutely free service of state governments and us. Of course the phone charges were the main attraction for scammers. They also harvested some personal details, no doubt for future use.

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